Lightweight board

For lightweight boards typically used for ship cabins, interior fittings for caravans or other interiors, we can offer the following wood material boards

Paulownia / KIRI core layer board

  • a solid wood lightweight board that we helped to develop
  • available as a 3- and 5-layer board
  • available with the following coating materials
    • veneer (all FSC-certified types of wood are possible as a cover layer)
    • HPL (all colours and wood imitations are possible)
    • CPL
  • Please take a look at the following link

Honeycomb board

  • available as raw honeycomb board with a chipboard upper layer
    • in 32mm, 38mm and 64 mm thickness´
  • available as honeycomb board with melamine coated MDF upper layer
    • in 32mm, 50mm and 64 mm thickness

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