Wood-based boards

We can manufacture any size fixed-size boards using the following board types:


  • FPY-raw
  • FPY-melamine coated
  • Decorative chipboards
    • e.g. FPY-HPL coated

Chipboards (Samples)

FPY - raw
FPY - melamine white
FPY - melamine black
FPY - decors
FPY - hpl high-polish
FPY - hpl pearl structure



  • MDF-raw
  • MDF-melamine coated
  • HDF-raw
  • HDF-decoratively coated

Fibreboards (Samples)

MDF - raw
MDF - raw topan black
MDF - melamine white
MDF - melamine black
HDF - raw
HDF - melamine white
HDF - decore

Lightweight boards

Lightweight board (Samples)

Honeycomb bord - chipboard top
Honeycomb bord - MDF top mel. coated
Solid wood Paulownia / Kiri
5-Layer solid wood board - Paulownia / Veneer
3-Layer solid wood board - Paulownia / Alu
3-Layer solid wood board - Paulownia / HPL

Construction boards

  • Blockboards
  • Lamin boards
  • Glued boards
    • Finger joint and solid wood bars
    • Warp-resistant plywood boards

Construction boards (Samples)

Birch plywood
screen printing board
Oak 5-lay board
Beech 5-lay board
Red Alder 5-lay board