Product configurator description

Our product configurator allows you to create a product that suits your individual requirements and to request this product directly from us. The configurator is structured in such a way, that the product can be selected step-by-step.

In order to faciliate the process for you, please find hereafter a brief description, using the category "Wood material boards and coatingmaterial" as an example.

Step 1 - Home page configurator

  •  Select Wood material boards with coating material.

    •  A carrier board is chosen, which is then used with the coating  material selected by you.

Step 2 - Select board type 

  •  Select the required board type

Step 3 - Select board type

  •  Select the required board version

Step 4 - Enter thickness

  •  Select the required thickness

  •  Click "Continue"

Step 5 - Enter dimensions

  •  Select between fixed-size or half-size

    • Fixed-size boards are prefabricated components with a small allowance for formatting

    •  Half-size boards are large-size boards that are used for cutting fixed-size boards

  •  Enter dimensions

    •  There are different dimensional limits for fixed-size and half-size boards, which have to be adhered to:

      •  Fixed-size dimensional limits:

        • Length: 200mm – 3100mm

        •  Width: 300mm – 1300mm

      •  Halz-size dimensional Limits:

        • Length: 2000mm – 3100mm

        •  Width: 1800mm – 2400mm

  •  Click "Continue"

Step 6 – Enter UPPER coating

  •  Select the required coating

    • In this instance "Veneer"

Step 7 – Enter colour/decor/Version

  •  Select the required wood type

Step 8 - Enter veneer thickness

  •  Select the required veneer thickness

Step 9 - Veneer: Enter Quality

  •  There are two possibilities for entering veneer Quality

    •  Version 1: The steps Quality / pattern / structure / processing can be individually selected and entered.

    •  Version 2: All of the criteria can be entered using a veneer key.

Version 1:

Step 9 - Veneer: Enter quality

  •  Select from the five available veneer qualities

Step 10 - Veneer: Enter expression

  •  Select the required Expression

  •  It is possible to select several Expression types

  • The select fields are highlighted

  •  Cick "Continue"

Step 11 - Veneer: Enter structure

  •  Select the required structure

    •  When selecting "symmetrical" or "asymmetrical", there is another choice to be made, i.e. the respective surface divider can be selcted.

Step 12 - Veneer: Enter processing

  •  Select the required processing

  •  It is possible to select several processing types

  •  The selected fields are highlighted

  •  Click "Continue"

Version 2:

Step 9 - Veneer: Enter quality

  •  Click "USE VENEER KEY"

  •  Our internal veneer key is shown

    •  The Image is enlarged by clicking once

  •  Select the letters for the required veneer composition (Quality/pattern/stucture/processing)

    •  Example CELG

      • C C- Quality (inner carcase)

      • E full flower/cut flower/stripes

      • L layer

      • G Joint-glued (+ reinforced at edges)

  •  Enter the respective veneer key into the field "key"

  •  Click "Continue"

Steps 10 - 12 are not required!!

After choosing the upper coating follow the same process for the coating on underside. (Step 6 - step 12)

Step 13 – Complete contact form

  •  Check whether the selected data is correct

    •  If not, individual steps can be corrected by clicking on "edit"

  •  Click "Open contact form"

  •  Cmplete the respective field

    •  The field "Message" details your enquiry and is sent to us as such

    •  The field "Message" can also be used for special request and other comments

  •  Once all fields have been completed, click "Send"

Please note:

  •  The process is similar for any other main menu Points:

    • Coated Wood material boards

    •  Raw Wood material boards

    • Fixed-size veneer

    •  Other coating material

 Raw veneer, raw boards or other individual components can be ordered using the main menu.

  •  For all other coating materials (Other coating materials), the classification is not as detailed as for the veneer selection.

    •  Only the required thickness, dimensins and quantity must be entered 

  •  For some steps a filter can be used

    •  Simply enter the search term in the "Filter"field

  • All requests are dealt with very promptly.

    •  After internal clarfication, we send you an offer or contact you.

  •  All board types and thicknesses that are not listed as well as other Special request can be sent to us using the "Message field".

    •  We will process the special requests and then contact you.

Should you have any further questions regarding our product configurator, simply contact us!


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